Source: APEC

Servicification for women's empowerment in APEC

In line with APEC's identification of the underutilized potential of women in the Asia-Pacific economy, the Policy Brief on Gender and Trade in Services in the APEC Region was launched at the Third APEC Senior Officials and Ministerial meeting in Seattle. This document highlights the significance of servicification in APEC and its benefits for the priority of women's economic empowerment and gender equality. The brief proposes recommendations for APEC economies, aiming to leverage service trade for inclusive and sustainable growth. It suggests that while trade policies and regional agreements are crucial for women’s empowerment, they are not the sole solution to enduring gender disparities. The digitization of service trades is highlighted as a transformative force that can bridge gender gaps, with tangible examples such as enhancing support for women-led businesses via digital access. The brief offers recommendations to APEC economies to harness service trade for holistic economic progress. It concludes by spotlighting areas for further research and emphasizes the importance of detailed gender statistics related to trade in services.