China-Europe: Reconnecting in an Era of Competition and Rivalry? 

China In Europe Research Network (CHERN) is preparing for its upcoming joint working group conference, scheduled to take place on September 7th and 8th, 2023 in Amsterdam. Hosted by Vrije Universiteit, the conference aims to foster collaboration and exchange among experts in the field. The event will feature a diverse program comprising roundtable discussions, keynote speeches, intensive workshops, and networking opportunities, all organized by the CHERN Working Groups. The central theme of the conference will be "China-Europe: Reconnecting in an Era of Competition and Rivalry?" 

The draft program for the conference, as well as open calls for submissions to participate, are available at the CHERN website.  Additional details will be provided in the coming weeks and months as the conference plans unfold. The deadline to apply for all workshops is June 1st.

Source: CHERN